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Do you have a special day coming up? Your wedding or  engagement party,maybe there’s  a new arrival in your family so there’s a baby shower planned or a Christening. Is it time for the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah? Are you fed up of unwanted Christmas and birthday prezzies? Are you about to celebrate your graduation,or moving into a new home?

There are many times throughout our lives that people buy us gifts,and unfortunately sometimes all that thought and money is wasted by the giving of unwanted presents. Nobody wants to be rude and refuse a gift,and sometimes it’s a little hard to tell people face to face what presents you would really like. It is estimated that last Christmas in the UK alone over £62 million was spent on unwanted gifts.

Creating a wish list of gifts you’d love is the perfect way of letting people know the perfect presents for you,it cuts down on those embarrassing moments,and stops the buyer from wasting their time and money trawling around hundreds of shops for a gift you may not really want.

Until now these gift lists were normally tied to one shop,either that or you had to have a list in every shop that you wanted something from. That is just not practical,so we are here to change that.

Your wish list here at “Gifts I’d Love”can contain items from any shop,anywhere. (Even if they don’t have a website!) You simply get all the fun of window shopping,and every time you see something you like,add it to your list. As your special day approaches let people know about your list. Simple as that!

Your guests will see the list of everything you want and when they buy an item can mark it as purchased so there’s no repeated presents.

If you need help in choosing gifts to add to your wish list then you’ll find plenty right here on the site,as well as some great shop suggestions to start your window shopping spree.

Happy shopping,giving and receiving!

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